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What is Tai Chi?

Internal Nature

The most important feature of Tai Chi is the internal nature of the exercise.  Tai Chi is a set of movements using hands, feet and other parts of the body to bring about improved changes in the internal functions of the body as well as achieving external benefits.  The result is better internal bodily functions like bowel movements, deeper breathing and a better body balance through flexible joints.

Tai Chi Principles

There are several principles to follow when practicing Tai Chi.

  • Correct timing and slowness in movement for connection
  • Movements are circular and spiralling
  • Movements are directed by the waist
  • ‘Transitional elasticity’ – the follow-through between moves
  • No ‘double weightedness’ on the feet
  • Feet rooted to the ground
  • ‘Song 松’ which means relaxed but focussed

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How to Choose a Tai Chi Club

Understanding your needs is an important step in selecting the right Tai Chi club for you.

More info will be available here soon!

About Us

Tai Chi Internal Arts Inc. was formed to share with anyone interested in learning Tai Chi and related arts or in deepening their Tai Chi training and experience. It is hoped that the teaching videos are able to help you to train your Tai Chi as a group or individually.  Tai Chi Internal Arts Inc. runs regular classes in Qigong, Tai Chi, Lok Hup Ba Fa, Sabre and Tai Chi Beginners Classes in Western Australia, Queensland and New Zealand.  Please refer to the Classes section for class times and venue.

Our Manifesto:

  • To provide a safe and friendly environment for members to gather and practise Tai Chi.  To make Tai Chi internal arts available to all at an affordable cost. To help others to set up Tai Chi clubs by providing advice and free workshops.
  • Genuine non-profit, non religious organization for the benefit of members and the community.
  • No membership or workshop fees payable by Accredited Instructors and Committee Members who are volunteers.
  • Workshops are generally of 1 or 2 days’ duration. Workshop fees are set at a minimum amount to encourage participation. Currently we are charging $30 per member per day.
  • Interstate and overseas visitors are welcome to participate in our classes and workshops. No workshop fees are required from these visitors.

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