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Lok Hup Ba Fa

Lok Hup Ba Fa (LHBF) 六合八法

Six Harmonies and Eight Methods
The Six Harmonies: Body> <Mind> <Intent> <Chi> <Spirit> <Movement> <Emptiness
The Eight Methods: Chi> <Bone> <Shape> <Follow> <Rise> <Return> <Retain> <Conceal The Six Harmonies and the Eight Methods are the guiding principles of LHBF

LHBF Lineage
Chen Xiyi (989 AD). A Taoist hermit who lived up Mount Hua, believed to be the originator of the Art.
Wu Yihui was the first master to introduce LHBF to the public in Shanghai in 1930’s. Many of Wu Yihui’s students had other martial arts backgrounds and modelled the LHBF form to merge with their own martial arts. This is one of the explanations for its similarities with other martial arts such as Tai chi and Yiquan.

In the 1950s, Liang Zi Peng, Sun Di, Fong PS, Lee YN and others introduced LHBF to the wider world.

Chart for the Cultivation of Perfection
Many LHBF practitioners believe the practice of LHBF forms part of the cultivation of micro cosmic energy flow of the body. Indeed the names of the LHBF moves trace the energy flow from the lower Dantian to the crown (Baihui) in the picture below.

Chart for the Cultivation of Perfection

Lok Hup Ba Fa – first & second half – 66 moves


Lok Hup Ba Fa – Moves