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Tai Chi practice is incomplete without some form of Qigong. Qigong combines breath and movements training which enables efficient qi (chi) flow in the body. Qigong practice in conjunction with Tai Chi can lead to tremendous joy and health benefits.

Taichi Internal Arts offer a simple Shibashi (18 movements) Qigong form that is similar to the Yang Tai Chi form. Qigong Shibashi can be learned in a matter of weeks by following the free video as provided here.

The video does not show all the repetitions in order that it is not too long and the file is kept small. The captions show the name of the moves, number of repetitions, and the breathing plan.

Start with eyes looking ahead, knees relaxed, feet at shoulders width apart, palm facing thigh. This is a Wuji 无极 (infinity) stance.

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Tai Chi Qigong
1 起势调息
Raise Arms – 6X
Soft wrist. Drop hips. Press down softly To Dantian
2 扩阔胸怀
Opening Chest – 6X
Raise arms as in #1, then open chest
3 挥舞彩虹
Dancing The Rainbow – 6X Ea Side
Raise arms. Look left first. Turn hips
4 输臂分云
Circling Arms Separating Clouds – 6X
Crouch to reach down. Left hand under right
5 定步倒巻猴
Push Arms, Turn Hips – 3X Ea Side
Crouched, RH 1st. Turn hips & shoulder. Brush Palms
6 湖心划船
Row Boat On Lake – 6X
Body Upright. Crouched when reaching down
7 肩前托球
Hold Ball Palm Up Eye Level – 3X Ea Side
Raise heels. Crouched B4 Palm Up. Turn Hips. RH 1st
8 转身望月
Turn & Look Back At Moon – 3X Ea Side
Heels Grounded. Crouched at Bottom. To the Left 1st
9 转身推掌
Push Palms Diagonally – 3X Ea Side
Crouched. Turn hips. Hands from hips. RH 1st
10 马步云手
Cloud Hands – 6X Ea Side
Turn hips hand eye level. Crouched. LH 1st
11 捞海观天
Scoop Sea; Look At Sky – 6X
Step L F 45°. Heels still. Scoop & look up
12 推波助澜
Push Waves Back/Forth – 12X
Raise heels. Soft hands drop to Dantian
13 飞鸽展翅
Dove Shows Wing – 12X
Raise heels, open chest/arms. Soft wrist
14 伸臂冲拳
Punching – 3X Ea Side
Left foot step back, crouched. RH 1st
15 大雁飞翔
Wild Goose Flying – 6X
Body upright. Raise heels. Fly like a bird
16 环转飞轮
Spinning Wheels – 3X Ea Side
Hands circle Clockwise and anti-Clockwise
17 踏步拍球
Bouncing Ball – 6X Ea Side
R hand L foot. L hand R foot. Raise Heels
18 按掌平气
Push Palms To Close – 6X
Breathe out reaching down
Finish with rubbing palms together