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Lok Hup Ba Fa 66

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1 停车问路
Stop Cart & Ask Directions
2 临崖勒马
Hold Horse At Cliff
3 闭门推月
Close Door, Push Moon
4 拨云见日
Part Clouds, See Sun
5 临崖勒马
Hold Horse At Cliff
6 摘星换斗
Replace Star With Nth Star
7 鸿雁双飞
Geese Flying In Pairs
8 闭门推月
Close Door, Push Moon
9 弧雁出群
Lone Goose Leads Flock
10 野马追风
Wild Horses Chase Wind
Water Running, Never Ceasing
12 伏虎听风
Crouching Tiger Listening To The Wind
13 声东击西
Make Sound East, Hit West
14 青龙展爪
Green Dragon Stretches Claws
15 丹成九转
Golden Pearl After 9 Circulations
16 拨云见日
Part Clouds, See Sun
17 顺水推丹
Push Boat With Flow of Water
18 恕马回头
Angry Horse Turns Head
19 瓶花落现
Flowers Falling
20 高山流水
Water Running In High Mountains
21 儿童送书
Child Delivers Letter
22 樵夫担柴
Woodcutter Carries Logs
23 天官指星
Heavenly Lord Points At Star
24 五云捧日
Five Clouds Holds The Sun
25 托天盖地
Supports Sky, Covers Earth
26 燕子浮水
Swallow Skims Water
27 朝阳贯耳
Morning Sunshine Fills The Ears
28 藏手双离
Intercept And Double Push
29 微风扫叶
Gentle Wind Sweeps Leaves
30 燕子喙泥
Swallow Carries Sand (Mud)
31 灵猴摘果
Monkey Picks Fruit
32 猛虎回头
Wild Tiger Turns Head
33 旋转乾坤
Swirling The Universe
34 风摆荷叶
Wind Sways Lotus Leaves
35 掩手冲拳
Cover Hand & Punch
36 琵琶遮面
Cover Face With Pipa
37 流星赶月
Comet Chases Moon
38 燕子斜飞
Swallow Flies Diagonally
39 丹凤朝阳
Phoenix Faces Sun
40 翻江搅海
Stirring Rivers & Seas
41 倒骑龙背
Ride Backwards On Dragon
42 狸猫捕蠂
Racoon Catches Butterflies
43 抽梁换桂
Lift Beam & Change Pillers
44 风卷残云
Wind Swirls Clouds
45 蛰龙现身
Hibernating Dragon Appears
46 乌龙摆尾
Black Dragon Wags Tail
47 平分秋色
Sharing Autumn Scene
48 走马看花
Enjoy Flowers On Horse
49 魁星献斗
Supreme Star Honours North Star
50 燕子穿云
Swallow Penetrates Clouds
51 提手七星
Salutes To Seven Stars
52 雁字横斜
Geese Fly Horizontally
53 黄龙转身
Yellow Dragon Turns Body
54 五圣朝天
Five Saints Prostrate To Heaven
55 叶底藏莲
Hide Lotus Under Leaves
56 凤凰展翅
Phoenix Opens Wings
57 白鹤喙食
White Crane Pecks Food
58 月挂松梢
Moon Hangs On Pine Top
59 倒揭牛尾
Pull Oxes Tail
60 童子抱琴
Child Holds Harp
61 犀牛望月
Rhinoceros Looks At Moon
62 鸽子穿林
Doves Darts Through Forest
63 赤龙搅水
Crimson Dragon Stirs Water
64 风动浮萍
Wind Stirs Lotus Leaves
65 气升昆仑
Chi Rises To Mt. Kun Lun
66 存气开关
Contain Chi & Open Gates