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Qigong 18

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Tai Chi Qigong
1 起势调息
Raise Arms – 6X
Soft wrist. Drop hips. Press down softly To Dantian
2 扩阔胸怀
Opening Chest – 6X
Raise arms as in #1, then open chest
3 挥舞彩虹
Dancing The Rainbow – 6X Ea Side
Raise arms. Look left first. Turn hips
4 输臂分云
Circling Arms Separating Clouds – 6X
Crouch to reach down. Left hand under right
5 定步倒巻猴
Push Arms, Turn Hips – 3X Ea Side
Crouched, RH 1st. Turn hips & shoulder. Brush Palms
6 湖心划船
Row Boat On Lake – 6X
Body Upright. Crouched when reaching down
7 肩前托球
Hold Ball Palm Up Eye Level – 3X Ea Side
Raise heels. Crouched B4 Palm Up. Turn Hips. RH 1st
8 转身望月
Turn & Look Back At Moon – 3X Ea Side
Heels Grounded. Crouched at Bottom. To the Left 1st
9 转身推掌
Push Palms Diagonally – 3X Ea Side
Crouched. Turn hips. Hands from hips. RH 1st
10 马步云手
Cloud Hands – 6X Ea Side
Turn hips hand eye level. Crouched. LH 1st
11 捞海观天
Scoop Sea; Look At Sky – 6X
Step L F 45°. Heels still. Scoop & look up
12 推波助澜
Push Waves Back/Forth – 12X
Raise heels. Soft hands drop to Dantian
13 飞鸽展翅
Dove Shows Wing – 12X
Raise heels, open chest/arms. Soft wrist
14 伸臂冲拳
Punching – 3X Ea Side
Left foot step back, crouched. RH 1st
15 大雁飞翔
Wild Goose Flying – 6X
Body upright. Raise heels. Fly like a bird
16 环转飞轮
Spinning Wheels – 3X Ea Side
Hands circle Clockwise and anti-Clockwise
17 踏步拍球
Bouncing Ball – 6X Ea Side
R hand L foot. L hand R foot. Raise Heels
18 按掌平气
Push Palms To Close – 6X
Breathe out reaching down
Finish with rubbing palms together